Victorious Prophetic Warfare Podcast

Receive impartation to dynamic glory filled intercession when you listen to Victorious Prophetic Warfare. Host Rebecca Greenwood will teach you to hear God’s voice and prophesy! Be activated in victorious spiritual warfare and empowered to transform. Each episode will help you see prayers answered, and Satan’s schemes defeated. Join as Rebecca shares prophetic wisdom, personal stories of overcoming strongholds, warfare strategies, and realized transformation in people, cities, nations from 31 years in ministry.

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International Freedom Group

Learn about a NEW Deliverance Network, International Freedom Group (IFG), that Greg & Becca Greenwood are launching alongside Jareb & Petra Nott. IFG is a global community of credible and accountable deliverance ministers. Our kingdom commission is to facilitate relationships, support, and equip servant leaders in effective, balanced, and biblical deliverance ministry.

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Christian Harvest International is a prophetic intercessory ministry called to impact our nation and the nations of the world. We are to equip the Body of Christ into a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Teaching and ministering across generations with the purpose of empowering for transformation. Our heart is to impact families, churches, communities, cities, and nations. Awakening believers to their divine destiny of God in every area of life.

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Awakening Believers

to their divine destiny

in every area of life